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Plot Info.

Season: April –November
Size: 15ft by 15ft
Garden plots may be worked 8am to sunset 7 days a week

Grand View Farm will be responsible for:

•Program administration
•Tilling the gardens at the beginning and end of growing season
•Staking out plots at start of season
•Water supply (you supply garden hose)
•Mowing/trimming paths and fence line

 Community gardeners are responsible for:

•Supplying own garden tools and hoses
•Daily/weekly maintenance/upkeep of their garden plots and adjacent walkways
•Report any problems to Grand View Farm staff immediately


Making your 2017 reservations:

 Reserve your garden plot starting January 1, 2017 by calling 410-937-2221 or emailing . You must pay when you make your reservation.

Rules and Regulations 2017

1.      Individual garden plots are to be used for growing fruits/vegetables only for personal use and not for commercial sales.
2.      Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
3.      Plots are non-transferable. All plots will be surrendered back to Grand View Farm. Fees are non-refundable.
4.      Community Gardens are an organic space. The use of non-organic fertilizers or weed repellents is prohibited.
5.     Gardeners are responsible for cultivating (excluding initial spring cultivation by Grand View Farm), weeding and watering their own plots. Gardeners will visit and maintain their plots on a weekly basis. If you will be out of town or on vacation, please arrange to have a fellow gardener or designee watch over your plot.
6.      Community Gardens will open April 4th and be cleared of any and all debris/material by November 7th.
7.      All gardens are subject to occasional inspections. Garden plots are to be regularly weeded. Plots that become heavily weeded or are not regularly maintained will be considered in violation of the Grand View Farm community gardens Rules and Regulations. The gardener in violation will then receive an email to bring their plot(s) into compliance. Two weeks later another inspection will be performed. If said garden plot(s) is still not in compliance, the plot(s) will be surrendered and all fees will be forfeited.
8.      Children are an ideal addition to the Grand View Farm community gardens and we encourage their involvement. However, supervision is required at all times.
9.      Hose will not be permitted for watering. Gardeners may use a pale or other watering can to irrigate their crops.
10.    No structures, including fencing, scarecrows, windmills, etc. are allowed in any of the garden plots.
11.    Biodegradable mulch is encouraged. Examples include: aged compost, leaves, straw and hay. Carpet mulch, stone and sod are not allowed.
12.    Keep plot boundaries weeded and trash free.
13.    Garden plot corners are clearly marked with stakes. Do not remove these stakes during the season. There are also permanent boundary markers, which are not to be disturbed.
14.    No invasive plants are permitted. A list of invasive plants can be found at .
15.    No littering or dumping of kitchen garbage. The Grand View Farm community gardens is a carry in and carry out facility – trash free. A compost bin is available and is for plant waste only.
16.    Alcohol on Grand View Farm property is prohibited.
17.    Amplified music or any other activities that would infringe on other gardeners or farm users’ enjoyment of the farm, is prohibited.
18.    No unauthorized expansion of your plot into the surrounding paths or encroaching on other plots is permitted.
19.    No taking of fruits/vegetables from plots that are not yours.
20.    Keep gates in the garden closed at all times.
21.    The smoking or chewing of tobacco is prohibited. Tobacco carries the mosaic virus, which is deadly to some plants.
22.    Grand View Farm community gardens are open from 7AM to sunset. No garden activities are permitted after sunset.
23.    No pets are permitted inside the Grand View Farm community garden perimeter fencing.
24.    Park in designated Grand View Farm community garden parking areas only.



Our community gardens allow everyone to enjoy GVF in a whole new way. With one or more of your prepared plots, you will have the opportunity to grow and harvest your own food. 

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