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Current Drop Points:
Elkridge/Columbia, MD
Towson, MD

How does the buying club work?

1. You order directly through GVF via our online shopping cart.
2. We receive your order and put it together.
3. You meet us at an area sponsor home at the specified time and date.

These dates/times will be on a regular monthly schedule throughout the year. You will need to bring cash or check to the drop point, as well as a cooler large enough for your order. You will take your order from our cooler to yours and pay the delivery driver. 

What should I expect on the delivery day?

You will arrive at the sponsor home at the predetermined time, get your invoice from the delivery driver, and pay for your order. Then you will find the cooler with your name on it and swap your food into your own cooler. Check to make sure your entire order of frozen products is there. Then you will grab the appropriate number of eggs ordered from the community egg cooler. 

*Hey this is important! 

Because we are using an online shopping cart website we only give the per pound value to each product on the site and at checkout. Furthermore, we cannot possibly know the exact weight of your order so your online total is only reprsentative of one poiund of that product. In some cases that price will be very close because it comes in a one pound package, other times as with whole chickens, the actual price will be three or four times the per pound price. We will put your order together, weigh each piece of meat and total your order the day before your scheduled drop point delivery. If you must know your exact total prior to the drop point meeting, or have questions, please email or call (410) 937-2221. Thank you for your understanding!​

GVF Buying Club Summary
​Order via Pick your sponsor house drop point location. Look on the calendar for the next drop off date and time (One drop per location each month). For safety reasons we cannot leave your order at the sponsor home if you are not there. Please be at the drop point on time, or send someone to represent you with payment.Keep in mind that the prices for bulk meat orders are far less because buying whole animals or larger shares of animals is much more sustainable. Please consider buying in bulk, freezing and using over an extended period of time.Please check your email for updates as well as notifications and reminders about your pick up. Each buying club drop point location must average $1,000 per delivery.We still encourage buying club members to come to the farm from time to time to remain connected to their food.Thanks for your support for GVF! 2014 Buying Club Information

CALL US WITH YOUR QUESTIONS: 410-937-2221 or send us an email to